The United Arab Emirates

Dubai occupies center stage in the region in the fields of culture, tourism, shopping, and attract potential users of health care services in all theworld

Why invest in Dubai?

Dubai occupies center stage in the region in the fields of culture, tourism, shopping, and attract potential users of health care services from all over the world infrastructure

It is no exaggeration to say that Dubai International Airport is one of the international airports experiencing the fastest growth in the world and occupies sixth place in terms of the movement of international passenger traffic, where the number of international passengers 41 million passengers international in 2009 . And more than 130 international airline company that provides shipping services and passenger transport, including United Airlines, and British Airways, "KLM", Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines and Emirates Airlines international, UAE. And evaluate the Emirates operations of the new airport terminal 3 , which opened recently and which absorbs 27 million passengers annually.

Some of the benefits of free trade zones in Dubai include prefabricated offices, factories, warehouses, and ease of operation and the completion of licensing procedures start.

Dubai Metro is one of the railway networks of the most advanced in the world, thanks to the automatic trains which do not require the leadership of a hand from the driver. It connects some of the shopping malls in Dubai, as well as the most important tourist sites and the airport.

Jebel Ali Port is the largest port in the world of man-made, has seen an increase in the movement of goods by 40% in the period between 2008 and 2009 . And it serves the DP more than 242 line for charging. Although volume growth in the UAE alone ports match the overall percentage for the Middle East, Europe and Africa together and that counted by 19% .

There are many in Dubai free zones that provide the appropriate infrastructure for specific sectors of industry and tax incentives for such industries as follows:

  • Financial services and goods - Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai Multi Commodities
  • Health care - Dubai Healthcare City
  • Media and Technology - Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park
  • Education and universities - University City and Knowledge Village
  • Textile Industry and Logistics - Jebel Ali Free Zone DLC
  • DOZ
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone

Trade and investment

Sector growth of Dubai's non-oil foreign trade increased by 38% in 2008 for eluting 934.7 billion dirhams (ie 254.7 billion US dollars)
Dubai has emerged as a key market for derivatives and foreign currencies through the initiatives of the Dubai gold and commodities.

Dubai is a regional hub for trade and investment in commodities such as gold and precious metals, diamonds and colored stones, energy (fuel and natural gas trade), and tea, as well as pearls, fashion jewelry, which alone accounted for 26.5% of non-oil foreign trade of the UAE in 2008 .


Dubai does not impose any taxes on personal income, or capital gains tax or withholding tax. However, all companies under the payment of taxes on the profits of law, with a rate of not higher than 55 percent. But in practice, does not have to pay corporate taxes, but the companies producing oil only,

Branches of foreign banks free zones has many financial incentives tempting, such as exemption from corporate tax for a period of 15 years or more, foreign ownership by 100% < / span>, the absence of taxes on personal income, the possibility of converting 100% of capital and profits, not to impose minimum capital or the need for a local partner to invest.


Dubai visited approximately 50 million tourists in 2014

It is a hospitality and tourism sector approximately 18% of GDP in Dubai.

Dubai is witnessing a number of events has a lot of features that will promote the local tourism sector. It hosts a variety of artistic and cultural festivals, such as the Dubai International Film Festival and Dubai Jazz, in addition to a series of sporting events such as the Dubai Desert Classic Golf Challenge, Racing Union Grand Prix Airways Formula 1 , sevenfold Emirates Rugby, the Dubai World Cup horse race and international cricket matches.

Other tourist activities in Dubai include the Dubai Shopping Festival, safaris in the desert, Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai), skiing "Ski Dubai" resort, many tourist resorts, in addition to the global village and the various shopping malls, including the largest shopping center in the world, "Dubai Mall."

The standard of living

The United Arab Emirates ranked first 15 in the world of origin 160 countries.

In addition to the solid infrastructure of telecommunications, roads, airports, earned the United Arab Emirates ranked mentioned previously left untouched thanks to the multiple leisure facilities and private consumers,

Prophetess and public infrastructure, and standards of security and safety, in a community open and permissive almost devoid of crimes.

Also gained the UAE international fame thanks to the entertainment possibilities offered by that elevate to the highest international standards, in addition to the luxury leisure facilities and the wealth of the large commercial centers and excellent shopping opportunities.


Many world-renowned universities with branches in Dubai, such as the American University, Michigan State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wollongong, London School of Economics, London Business School and the School of International Business Holt

Many world-renowned universities with branches in Dubai, such as the American University, Michigan State University, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Wollongong, London School of Economics, London Business School and the School of International Business Holt

Procedures and costs guide

Dubai does not impose any taxes on personal income, or capital gains tax or withholding tax. However

first level

Security clearance

15-7 days

copy of the passport

Select your business

Selection brand name





second level

Establishment of the company

20 days

The signing of a service contract

copy of the passport

Fill in the registration form

The signing of the Memorandum of Association

Signing incorporation decision

Signing the registration form

official authorization

Fill in the data model

Fill out a form Customer Information

Mobilize recognition model




Third phase


3 years



Per person

The main advantages:

  • Having Emirates company activity (Commercial, Industrial, Services, Consulting)
  • Get a residence visa and the possibility of adding partners a maximum of 5 Partners
  • Visa extraction employment and employees of the company.
  • 100% foreign ownership of all assets
  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% transfer of capital and profits does not require the presence of capital (in some cases)
  • Movement between the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
  • Open and manage bank accounts in the UAE
  • Freehold properties in the UAE
  • Get the family by extension Accommodations
  • Ease of travel procedures for investors to Europe and America

Dubai is one of the leading commercial centers, with well-developed infrastructure and an ideal environment for the practice of successful business.

Because Dubai outlet to gain access to a diversified export market serving more than two billion people around the world, they are attracting multinational companies targeting Central Asia and the Middle East and Africa, the Indian subcontinent and eastern Mediterranean. One of the main characteristics of the Dubai market, it:

  • A huge market is a commercial gateway for imports equivalent to an annual value of 100 billion US dollars.
  • Volume of imports has doubled since 1989 as a result of regional economic growth and liberalization of the restrictions and limitations, since it contributed to strengthening demand for imports.
  • Various market is wide demand for imports and giving a lot of opportunities for suppliers.
  • Three market; it is strategically located in the heart of the richest regions in the world.
  • An open market; and there are no restrictions on the exchange or supply quotas or other trade restrictions.

Law and Legal

System and laws of the United Arab Emirates and regulations for foreign investors, permitted activities

Quite simply, what is the basic configuration of the corporate system of the UAE (a free zone or external) run by foreign investors is obtaining the Emirati nationality, and how they managed these companies?

The rationale for foreign investors to invest Terms

The "establishment" free zones system in a certain way to facilitate foreign investors' operations ("non-recipients of the UAE nationality") and to provide initiatives

to allow visa multi-year residence for investors and employees of foreign affiliated to them within reasonable limits, and" protect "the local market from the large and sudden by foreign investors who can now practice of international business in companies within the economic invasion free areas or in companies other free zones in the United Arab Emirates and in all free zones in general.

Based on the above, it is possible to do business in the United Arab Emirates, but with conditions. Either through a limited Emirati liability company owns 51% from the local share (but it can be the company's configured so that the local party does not have any rights in the administration and limited gains on the stock), or through an agent local commercial (do not recommend it), or a proxy service for professional firms (we recommend this).

It does reasonably well to give enough time to establish local infrastructure and the head of the trade and human capital in order to grow and compete with others on an equal footing abroad before opening the local economy as a whole, or at the very least. Are making significant steps in this direction every year (recently allowed freehold to foreigners in designated and other high-profile initiatives areas).

UAE laws and regulations of foreign investors companies

There applicable federal law in the seven emirates, which replaces the "local laws" in all the emirates. In addition, there are all the Emirate of free zones, each with its own laws and legislation which may differ from the laws of the United Arab Emirates (also differs from the free zone to the other with a lot of common elements)

As it has been formulated to facilitate doing business for foreigners. For example (DIFC - Financial Services Free Zone) has been the use of English law as a law cushions in order to facilitate these activities !

Authorized types of activities

In this case it differs from Malta or Cyprus, where the statute allows the company / Laws allow the practice of many activities per company. The activity license for each above mentioned entity as follows:

(A) For a company a free zone, you must obtain a commercial license for each activity exercised by the company such as consulting or commerce, etc. and allows the acquisition of stock or share capital.

(B) For foreign companies, allows the practice of many activities in one company

Prohibited on foreign companies activities are: Finance - Aviation - Media - precious metals - Oil and Gas

While the authorized activities are: business consulting, management, general trade and holding companies and the acquisition of shares in other companies in the UAE or outside

Foreign companies need to register accounts and preparation of financial statements but is not obliged to submit financial statements audited.

Free Zones companies need to register accounts and preparation of financial statements and financial statements audited.

Investment restrictions

Islam forbids gambling in all its forms. As a result, the state prohibits dealing in financial derivatives and contracts submitted and options and investment funds or calculated future prices. Other prohibited practices include short selling and margin trading and flash. While day trading is considered more like a facilitator. Usually available in removable securities trading settlement period of several days during which clarify the implicit means, but they are not officially registered name of the buyer. Since Mtajery per day are not waiting for the completion of the settlement, we find that they are doing by using the reserve balance provided by the broker. ] 3 [per day Mtagro also depends on the margin account to finance their business activities.

Pay or benefits received from women's work is considered fair. And religion is not acceptable in the case of investment in high-debt companies. Funds can not be paid fixed capital return or secured. Instead of borrowing and lending, Islamic finance to participate in the ownership of assets and also supports risk and loss of profits. Companies that are preventing activities that are prohibited from participating in the financing strategy practiced by law. Can be banned activities related to food (production and sale of alcoholic beverages, including bars and restaurants, and pork products, and tobacco), gambling (casinos, online gambling, betting, lottery), and materials adults (videos, pornographic magazines, pornography on the Internet, clubs striptease), trade suspicious and unethical and illegal (prostitution, drugs).

Is it possible to free zone companies or the United Arab Emirates foreign companies to exercise its business within the UAE or acquisition of shares in other UAE companies? Are there any restrictions?

Companies can taking place on a commercial or industrial license to exercise its business within the free zone or out of the country only.

In order for these companies to sell their products in the United Arab Emirates must

(A) utilize Emirati official agent. Fees are typically 5 % 5 % "for export" within the United Arab Emirates. However, you can get services and products from other regions of the United Arab Emirates and within and not from outside. or

(B) the establishment of a limited liability company owned Emirati ratio of 51% internal stake - can coordination for this option, but you must pay the fee "for the sponsor" for the purpose of the local facility.

Companies can free zones within a single free zone trade with each other within the same free zone or with other companies, free zones, UAE, internationally and trading with foreign companies, but not in the United Arab Emirates (outside free zones) or with residents of the United Arab Emirates.

Can the United Arab Emirates foreign companies and free zone companies own shares in other UAE companies, whether free or third-party companies regions companies.

Can be traded internationally affiliated to the UAE foreign companies, but not in the United Arab Emirates or with residents of the United Arab Emirates.

most important - Limitations:

No restrictions apply internal and external UAE companies / free zone companies to foreign subsidiaries of these companies that are considered non-binding legislation UAE and can work freely and in accordance with the laws of the other country !

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