Trademark registration

If you have a successful and a major project to be registered company and doing it to protect them from counterfeiting, forgery, and this is what neglects many investors. So any project and who wish to establish a national identity or international should take steps to protect their company and use its logo or name or intellectual property.

Simply register your company or Internet domain name does not prevent others from registering similar names in the same jurisdiction, or identical names in other countries.

The most successful way to prevent this from happening is the registration of a trademark or company mark in each GCC country or other, and that is protected from any one wants or intends to emulate. Sovereign laws that divide the intellectual property that is supervised by one of the world’s leading companies have established.

Services provided include:

Trademark registration anywhere in the world. Advise on suitable trademark monitoring service program to provide counseling to record similar signs
Advice on all aspects of intellectual property, including patents, designs, copyright registration.
Advice and assistance for the protection of intellectual property rights from infringement, assault and registration of patents for small invention
Domain name registration and warranty services