International companies

Company was established on the basis of the rules of international companies targeting these companies the acquisition of assets or operations do business operations on a global level.

Allows international companies to open and issuing the commercial register in addition to the freedom of choice of law (common law, civil law, or any judicial authority) holds foreign ownership of international companies % 100 and the ability to customize the company and the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in line with the client's needs.

What is an international company

Company was established on the basis of the rules of international companies targeting these companies the acquisition of assets or operations do business operations on a global level.

Allows international companies to open and issuing the commercial register in addition to the freedom of choice of law (common law, civil law, or any judicial authority) holds foreign ownership of international companies % 100 and the ability to customize the company and the memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in line with the client's needs.

About International Company

International companies can choose which you want to apply the law regarding inheritance disputes and other legal matters) must specify the law, which is chosen in the Memorandum of Association of the company and its statute. International companies can own stakes in the Gulf of local and international companies such as companies or limited liability company that owns any legal entity in any country in the world.

And can the company's international purpose of carrying out routine operational transactions, and can also link professional relationships with legal advisers, accountants, and other individuals comparable.

Procedures and costs guide

Dubai does not impose any taxes on personal income, or capital gains tax or withholding tax. However

first level

Security clearance

24 – 48 hour

copy of the passport

Select your business

Selection brand name


Without fees

second level

Establishment of the company

3 - 6 days

Signing of the contract between the client and the company

A copy of the passport for partners

Fill in the registration form

The signing of articles of incorporation

Signing incorporation decision

Mobilize recognition model

CV with a photo

A copy of the scientific certificates (if any)

Mobilize Signature Model

Fill out a form Customer Information

Mobilize recognition model



17,500 - 26,000 ريال

Per person

Key Features and Benefits

  • The ability to issue different classes of shares, including the shares of the company.
  • Director of a minimum of one
  • Owning property in the mentioned countries.
  • A limited liability company
  • Take advantage of more than 47 double taxation treaty
  • There are no requirements for Ordinary General Assembly or the Director / local shareholders.
  • It can convert intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and copyright in favor of any other judicial authority
Lack of identification Capital required to establish Accounting reports required Tax (on profits) The basis of the legal system For incorporation Minimum shareholders The minimum board members Ownership of the company's bonds allowed
British Virgin Islands yes 0 € nothing 0% Public 2.3 days 1 1 No 1
Seychelles yes 0 € No 0% Public 1 - 2 days 1 1 No 1
Cyprus yes 1000 € yes 10% Public 10 days 1 1 No 1
please yes 0 € nothing 0% Public 2.3 days 1 1 yes
Panama yes 0 € nothing 0% civilian 3 - 4 days 1 3 yes
United kingdom yes 21% Public 1 - 2 days 1 1 No 1
Anguilla yes 0 € nothing 0% Public 2.3 days 1 1 yes
Hong Kong yes 1 € yes 0% 2 v 2.1 days 1 1 No 1
Delaware yes 0 € nothing 0% Public 1 1 No 1
Ras Al Khaimah yes 0 € nothing 0% v 1 - 2 days 1 1 No 1
Mauritius yes 0 € yes 0% Public 1 - 2 days 1 1 No 1
Tarek mountain yes 0 € v 10% Public a week 1 1 No 1
Singapore yes 1 € nothing 8.5 - 17% Public 1.5 days 1 1 No 1
Bahamas yes 0 € nothing 0% Public a week 1 1 No 1
Switzerland yes 100000 Vi.soisra yes 8 - 35% civilian 10 days 1 1 yes

Touted offshore companies (or companies overseas) as companies that manage the turnover of the non-existent within the scope of legal authority (country or state) to its foundation.

More specifically, offshore companies called three characteristics: First, it should be recorded as an entity within the country or state of incorporation. Secondly, it should be the establishment of 'founders' outside the state of incorporation. Finally, the company should implement its business exclusively outside the state of incorporation. However, most of the people connecting the concept of the term 'offshore company' as a means to increase tax efficiency.
Why should I use Sico to open offshore companies?
Has specialized personnel have experience in the field of establishing offshore companies. And we were able during this time of a network of offshore service providers building. Also, offshore services that we offer with the best competitive prices.

The most important factor in the selection of the scope of legal authority is to ensure the establishment of your company in the country with the following:
. Political and economic stability
3 . Good reputation

As a result of the presence of our offices or our partners in all legal authorities, who provide our services, we can provide low and competitive prices, so as to our ability to avoid dealing with any broker.

You can either pay by bank transfer, and check or cashier's check or cash in our offices, if you prefer.

Words, in general, do not need. This is one of the main advantages for companies "offshore."
However, in some authorities, such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, for example, the companies in fact are obliged to submit annual accounts and be subject to review, and in some cases, paying taxes (please refer to comparable legal authorities Table).
If it is imposed on the company reporting to the IRS, in person you should consult a tax advisor in the country of residence to check whether you are subject to this requirement.

No, and that means you do not have to travel there to open your offshore company. And it can finish everything by correspondence.

Per legal authority (country or state) specific time period for the establishment of (please refer to comparable legal authorities). Once the company was founded, the arrival of the documents you will take in general about 6-2 days.

Yeah. But it is desirable to do so. You will be asked to enter two names in the demand for the company model, in order of preference. We will review and record companies within the offshore authority concerned to see the availability of names of the founding of the company. If you do not make them available, we will send you some alternative names. We also have a ready-made list of names or companies previously approved and we can send it to you at your request.

Ready companies' non-active companies is established through a service provider, a company which owns until you find a buyer. After completion of the deal, the company transferred ownership of the provider of services to the third party, who then starts commercial activities under the company name. Include the advantages of buying a ready Company ineffective as follows:
• Provide time it would take to create a new companybr> • Allow the contract tenders (some authorities impose that the company have established since the period of time and have a certain age)
Giving the company body that have a long lifespan in its field
Note: Usually companies registered ineffective be more expensive than the newly established companies due to her age.

Agency entity is a simple structure where the internal network is working as deputy or agent of the company Offshore. This leads to avoid the problems that often occur for the offshore companies when conducting business internationally. It provides "interface" with all the advantages of an internal offshore.

The British company has been working as deputy proxy offshore company was founded. In fact, the British company acts as an agent. The two companies have signed agency agreement defines the exact terms of their agreement. Accordingly it is done all the work for the British company, but on behalf of the offshore company. And it is billing customers who Abermn contracts with the British company by this company and pay the bills to the bank account of the British company. This is most of the income transfer to the offshore company in accordance with the terms of the agreement.
It should be noted that the British company can not do business within the United Kingdom or any British companies. If that happens, this income will be subject to British taxation.

You must sign the agreement between the principal and the agent should also be before the British company begins its work;

1. You should not be the agent to trade within the United Kingdom or any British company;
2. You must determine the appropriate commercial agreement fees, which should also be paid significantly;
3. You must not be subject to the British owner of the offshore company tax;
4. ينبغي أن تكون العلاقة بين الشركة البريطانية وشركة الأوفشور فقط تجارية

This structure achieves success because the agent (British company), the company pays taxes in the UK according to the amount of the commission received after deducting expenses. Therefore, the HMR & Customs Her Majesty's Customs Department and non-ministerial and responsible for collecting the tax assessment of the British company only with respect to taxes to have any control over all the revenue that is sent to the client nor (offshore company). This legal structure altogether, and accepted by the tax authorities in the United Kingdom, and in English law, even after the meeting of the Group of Twenty there are no imminent signs that could lead to any possible change.

Shareholder is a person who owns shares of the company through guaranteed. It can own a company by a single shareholder or several shareholders. It is possible that the shareholder is an individual or company.

Director is the person responsible for the company's management. The signing any business contracts, request to open a bank account etc. And usually they are elected members of the Board of Directors by the shareholders, but sometimes are appointed by a resolution. It is possible that the company's director and one or several members of the Board of Directors. It is possible to be a member of the Board of Directors a person or company.

Yeah. In most legal authorities of the possible (and common) to assume the same person acting as shareholder and director of the company.

You will be required annual fee settlement before each anniversary of your company, not at the end of each calendar year. To avoid any rush at the last minute, we will send you an invitation to renew two months before the anniversary.

Most legal authorities are working with taxes on profits earned or interest earned by the company does not impose. Yes, but some, such as Hong Kong or Delaware, taxes levied on profits earned within the scope of legal authority (the country), while Cyprus charge a flat tax of 10%

Important offshore company to a large number of people may be and can be used in many activities:

business men:
It allows you to create an offshore company to start activity without having to deal with the establishment of a complex infrastructure. This company allows you to quickly Balanchae stable entity has a simple management and enjoy all the advantages of the companies that was founded to serve its business within the country

• Internet commerce (e-commerce):
Vendors can use online offshore company to register the name and website of the company and management of the sites on the Internet. Ideal offshore company for people who run their business on the Internet may be. You can choose the scope of the legal authority to establish a company to take advantage of the multiple benefits provided by these different legal authorities
• Consultants / Advisors:
You can also work your consulting management through offshore company. You will find it easier to manage your company, while to be registered within the stable and take advantage of all the power and the positive points of legal authority for this country.
• International Business:
You can make international business through offshore company which holds the sales and procurement processes. SFM and can also get a tax number for companies that tally in Cyprus or in the UK.
• protection of intellectual property rights:
You can record any kind of intellectual property rights (patent, trade mark) as the offshore company. The company may also buy or sell this type of rights. They can also grant rights to use third parties in return for cash.
• protection of movable and immovable property:
Used offshore companies to protect immovable property (such as yachts) immovable property (such as houses and buildings). In addition to confidentiality, the benefits and advantages offered include: exemption of certain types of taxes (such as taxes payable in respect of inheritance). However, it should be noted that some countries do not allow the registration of movable or immovable property through offshore companies, so it is advised that those wishing to communicate with the competent authority in the country designated by the start-up company.
• inheritance purposes:
In some countries, using offshore company (provided the payment of all costs associated with its operation) as a means of avoiding inheritance tax laws costs. In order to improve the tax obligation relating to inheritance, it can also be integrated offshore company with a trust fund or an institution.
• Forex - Broker stock and foreign exchange:
Offshore companies are used often stock transactions or foreign currency. The main reasons for it to a secret deal (for the possibility of opening a bank account on behalf of the Company).

Seko United's management ask you to pay attention to consult a tax advisor in the country of residence prior to start-up offshore company.

It is not obliged to attend in person to open a bank account. Can whole by mail to complete the procedures., And we can also organize a meeting with the banks that we work with as you like managers

No. This completely depends on your desire to open a bank account or not - we can through close cooperation with you choose the right bank for your needs from among our network of major banks. The bank will then decide whether it is possible to open the account, depending on the extent of their satisfaction with the nature of your business and personal data that they provide. However, we can in more than 95% of cases opened the account for our clients.

You can open bank accounts in Switzerland and the Seychelles, Cyprus, Panama, Belize, British Virgin Islands, the United Kingdom, Latvia and Hong Kong.

For legal reasons, we can not disclose all the institutions that are working with names. However, make sure that we do not work only with the big banks that can provide you with all the services that you may need (online banking, credit cards that do not carry the name).

Yeah. We can also generate open a special account for you in addition to the bank account on behalf of your company.

Bank charges rely on banks or account you have to have some kind. An average of duties on the account about 200 euros annually. For us, we do not charge any extra fees after opening the account.

Once you open a bank account, you can choose a multi-currency account. This will allow you to keep several currencies in the same account. When using a new currency, the bank will automatically open a 'sub-account' so you do not have to pay any exchange fees.

Like any other bank account, through credit cards or checks or online banking services or withdraw money from the bank.

Cash Travel Card is a card issued by Swiss banks only. The main advantage of this discount card that they do not carry a name. So you could withdraw cash or buy goods without leaving any trace. You can get a travel card cash bank account for offshore company

Director agent used to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality service, where the manager name will appear in the documents of the company and in any contract of the company's contracts, and also in the legal authorities record of place of incorporation of the company.

Once you set an agent manager, will be the signing of an agreement between the client agent and the manager. This will ensure that the customer is the agent to act or sign documents Director upon customer's request, and with the prior consent of the client only. And specialists working managers who are provided SFM highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

The agent is assigned shareholder in order to protect the real owner of the company from its association with public ownership of that company.

Once you set the shareholder proxy, will be the signing of an agreement (credit approval) between the customer and the shareholder proxy.
And works Shareholders agents who Tovahm Seko United, the highest level of integrity and confidentiality.

Virtual Office allows the company to obtain an address in Geneva or London and received mail there, which could confer, in some cases, more credibility to the company.

When selecting this service, we will deafen and propose five phrases for your company. It can be designed such slogans as your company or activity without any specific topic in particular. You can choose one slogan from among the proposed slogans. The logo will be sent to you in different formats, and will be included in the company's head of letters and business cards that we are preparing.

When selecting this service, I'll send you a stamp bears the company's name and address, as well as its logo, if you choose this service as previously stated

Authentication means that a notary will check all the documents that the issuing of Hrkink, and will confirm the authenticity.

The ratification is the adoption of internationally recognized to confirm the authenticity of company documents by government legal authority concerned where the company was founded.

We strongly recommend that you select this option if you are thinking of opening a bank account, or if you need to document your company for any legal action (such as a contract, for example).

Targeting international companies for acquisitions of assets or do commercial operations on a global level.

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