Bahrain reason for the success of the Business Portal linking the entire Gulf, Bahrain is one of the most important
stations in the Middle East

Bahrain encourage companies to set up subsidiaries in the core region on its territory, thanks to the acquisition of information and communication technology market (ICT) the most liberal in the region, in addition to the excellent infrastructure in.

There are positive and the other for those who live in Bahrain, which is the lowest cost of living of any country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), especially in real estate that does not suffer from Annex growth of Dubai.

Investment and residency in Bahrain

Bahrain encourage companies to set up subsidiaries in the core region on its territory, thanks to the acquisition of information and communication technology market (ICT) the most liberal in the region, in addition to the excellent infrastructure in.

It has long been considered the Kingdom of Bahrain, one of the most happier in the Middle East countries as a place to live, thanks to the distinctive character conferred upon it by the pace of life and lack of Almtidh traffic or pollution, openness and good receptivity and hospitality among the citizens. The country is well established through more traditional paths possibly from the oil-rich United Arab Emirates and perhaps the reason that Bahrain does not have the oil that exists among its neighbors, as well as industry, which relies on tourism and services. The gold market, for example, to celebrate the commercial and its legacy is really an important part of the country's economy.

Maybe there is not much running free time in Bahrain as it is in cities such as Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but many commercial centers and excellent restaurants and scenery local sports vibrant incredibly, not to mention the strides made by the national teams of football and basketball. Then there is, of course, the annual Grand Prix Formula 1 race in April.

There is also a more relaxed atmosphere to a great extent when it comes to social issues, women in particular can play a prominent role in public life, as well as the right to full and universal suffrage elections across the country in what became the ownership of full membership unconstitutional. Indeed, the freedoms that Bahrain confirms spot famous for being appropriate for the weekend among regional tourists who enjoy a variety of the finest restaurants and bars.

There are positive and the other for those who live in Bahrain, which is the lowest cost of living of any country of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), especially in real estate that does not suffer from Annex growth of Dubai. The personal tax close to zero, and this generally means higher disposable income. It is somewhat surprising to find a strong presence of expatriates in Bahrain, whether Arabs or Europeans, who constitute the ratio of 40% of the labor force in Bahrain.

Companies can take advantage of the following benefits in Bahrain:

  • Bahrain's unique market contacts liberal in the Middle East
  • And better access to the growing Gulf market strongly
  • Stronger track record (the first of the digital telephone transfers 1992 , and the first to launch Internet service 1995 , as it is the first to remove restrictions on communications 2004 .
  • Better government service in the Middle East within the United Nations e-government survey 2010 )
  • Excellent telephone infrastructure with fiber optic cable connected to the rest of the Gulf states and faster download service for online
  • Strict laws to protect intellectual property and create optimal conditions for the programs imported from overseas development.
  • A growing and competitive telecommunications market under the supervision of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, with the lowest cost of fixed-line phone and Internet service
  • Wider broadband Internet service in the home of the world.
  • The cost of living is low and run.
  • Activating working with the American free-market agreement to facilitate the exchange of information
  • Investment and residency in Bahrain entitle you to build good relations in the Gulf

Business entities

Can be a commercial entity, a sole proprietorship or joint, and the owners of these entities or commercial companies to choose one of the following legal structures: a limited liability, closed and contribute to, the public shareholding, branch, representative office, the Partnership, the holding company, one of the individual company.

In general, it does not allow for non-Bahrainis to exercise individual activities, and as for the foreign companies are not allowed to have 100% for the following activities: trade, contracting, import and export.

first level

Security clearance

7-30 days

copy of the passport

Select your business

Mobilize the interior ministry model




Per person

second level

Establishment of the company

7-10 days

Signing of the contract between the client and the company

Original passport

A bank letter of reference [demonstrates the customer's name and account number, and the date of opening the account]

The list of proposed trade names [4 names]

Photo ID or a picture of a country house

Fill up a company form

CV with a photo

Scientific certificates, if any

Agency of a notary certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Bahraini embassy

A statement of account for 6 months

A statement of account for 3 months

Mobilize Signature Model

Fill out a form Customer Information




Third phase


4 days

Medical Examination

Photocopy of your passport is valid

Signing the registration form the Labour Market Regulatory Authority




Per person

Chance to stay and invest in Bahrain

The establishment of the project in Bahrain offers many advantages and facilities, and in order to make the most of these advantages you can communicate with the United Seko team group and who is looking at a cost of operation and few prospects for the success of your company and put your feet on the way to the future.

The main advantages:

  • Having a company or individual institution in Bahrain
  • Get an investor visa
  • 100% foreign ownership of all assets
  • 100% tax exemption
  • 100% transfer of capital and profits
  • Movement between the Gulf Cooperation Council
  • Open and manage bank accounts in the State of Bahrain
  • It does not require the presence of capital (in some cases)
  • Freehold property in Bahrain
  • Adding partners a maximum of 50 partner
  • Get the family by extension Accommodations
  • Phys extraction employment in the State of Bahrain
  • Ease of travel procedures for investors to Europe and America

Advantages of Investment in Bahrain

  • Not to impose taxes on companies and individuals
  • Low tariffs
  • Favorable policies and uncomplicated
  • Providing legal regimes friendly to the investor.
  • Simple business procedures
  • Constitute the Kingdom of Bahrain, a regional center of banking and financial business
  • Tremendous opportunities for growth in light of an open market
  • Friendly people and a culture favorable business growth
  • Seek permanent government to improve infrastructure
  • And having a lot of freedom in the Kingdom of Bahrain
  • One of the main ports in the Middle East
  • Easy access to all Middle East markets
  • The rule of law and order
  • Booming tourism and entertainment industry
  • A good social life and a variety of foods
  • Directed companies to corporate governance

Investment in Bahrain guide

In order to facilitate the process of companies it has been the introduction of a system that allows registration within seven days of submitting the application to the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture, together with the following: -
After registration form filling data.
A copy of the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
Governing Council resolution established a company in Searan.rsom registration.
To complete the registration requirements of the applicant must submit Miley within 90 days: -
Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
The latest audited financial statements.
Power of attorney form signed Resident Manager candidate.
Banks' recommendations.
Approval by the Bahrain Monetary Agency or the Ministry of Development, Industry and for all financial institutions and industrial companies.
You can get a booklet ((company registration procedures)) of the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture, or any of the Embassy of Bahrain abroad.

Definition of appropriate industrial sites.
Assisting in the preparation of economic feasibility studies as well as evaluating local costs and marketing opportunities.
The provision of services and facilities.
Subsidies granted to create a plant or factory.

Annual fees vary from company to company, but the legal fees elementary competing regional and international levels.

Determines the Commercial Agencies Law (Legislative Decree No. 23 of 1975) commercial agencies and commercial maritime and air transport, travel agencies and tourism, told the trade, services and insurance, publications, press and advertising.
Respect of the Commercial Companies Law (Legislative Decree No. 28 of 1975) regulations for different types of businesses including property and liquidation, seizure and mortgage EDM and others.
Respect to the Labor Law (Legislative Decree No. 23 of 1976) and the Social Insurance Law (Legislative Decree No. 24 of 1976) contributions and protection systems and employment.
Respect to bankruptcy and the Magistrate condom Act (Legislative Decree No. 11 of 1987) to bankrupt companies.
Determines the Trade Act (Legislative Decree No. 7 of 1987) the general provisions relating to commercial activities and speculation.
Specialized insurance companies Act (Legislative Decree No. 17 of 1987) the provisions relating to companies and insurance institutions.

It can be classified as commercial enterprises as follows:
New companies wholly owned by foreigners:
Allows commercial legislation recently released recording fully foreign-owned companies, and that includes companies which intend to establish an industrial base or service companies and distribution, which plans to establish a regional office in Bahrain.
And it can fully owned foreign companies registered in Bahrain and Foreigha.otsgel work within these companies on the basis that joint stock companies (c), or a limited liability but may be exempted from the minimum capital requirement.
As These companies may hold board meetings and meetings of the assembly ordinary and extraordinary Alamomcih- - outside Bahrain's commitment to these meetings provided the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law.
Exempted companies (offshore):
What are companies that exist headquartered in Bahrain, but proceed with its wholly outside Searan.oyjoz establishment of such companies in any activity can be wholly owned by foreigners.
Branch offices of foreign companies:
Foreign company may establish a branch or representative office in Bahrain after obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture and the appointment by the Bahraini agent or sponsor them, that it is permissible to exempt these companies from the Bahraini agent clause if the branch office as a regional center for the activities of the company.
Solidarity Companies:
May be registered partnership companies where the partners bear common responsibilities towards Acharakh.uaadh commitments offered solidarity companies professional services or consulting (such as accounting and engineering) which may be branches of solidarity companies list abroad.
A private limited liability company (LLC):
It may establish a limited liability Bahraini company (LLC) to practice the kind of industrial trade or Alkhaddmatah.oaguetsr work with a foreign partner on all industrial and service activities of companies, to have a minimum capital 10 thousand dinars (US dollar = 0.375 dinar) and the minimum for the participation of non-Bahrainis 49%, and the number of shareholders not less than 2 and no more than 50 shareholders.
Public Shareholding Company:
It is a limited liability company created requires the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Agriculture and the approval of the Board of cabinets and an Amiri Decree Banchaiha.uaadh is created joint stock companies to implement a key and a specific project. The minimum capital of 500 thousand dinars.
Closed joint stock company:
It is a joint stock company shares are not displayed for public subscription can be created without an Amiri Decree. The minimum capital of 200 thousand dinars.
Commercial Agency:
It is not necessary for foreign companies wishing to export to Bahrain to have a local agent, but must hold Almsnord import license valid.
Bahrain has a well-established framework and clear commercial laws, besides the English language is used on a large scale, and global law firms working in cooperation with local partners to provide specialized legal services locally and regionally for a fee does not exceed the acceptable rates globally.
Since that Bahrain has embraced the Euro-Arab Arbitration Conference in 1987, it became a center for international arbitration and the Gulf Cooperation Council, under the New York Convention of 1958 . And apply arbitration to individuals or institutions in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in their dealings with international counterparts services. In addition there is a separate arbitration center specialized issues within the GCC countries. Seaharin has been able to develop arbitration facilities this thanks to the legal framework firm and means of advanced communication and political stability and its close ties Alkhalidah, Arab and Western countries and its prestigious financial center for the region and provides specialized services in the field of accounting, consulting and legal services Banking, insurance and other similar services.
The state legislation aimed at protecting and registering trademarks and franchises and intellectual property rights. Thanks to this Altharin become a leader in this field as it has become to keep up with systems applied in Western societies.

Do not meet the taxes or fees on: -
Imports of raw materials and semi-processed goods imported for the purpose of manufacturing.
Imports needed for development projects.
Goods received in order to re-export.

5% on food and non-luxury goods.
10% of public goods perfectionism.
20% on cars.
50 percent on cigarettes and tobacco.
125% on alcoholic beverages.

Two copies of the commercial lists in Arabic or English.
A certificate of origin in Arabic or English (issued by the Chamber of Commerce and certified by an Arab embassy).
A copy of the insurance policy that was improbable.
Four copies of shipping documents and include data on the total weight and dimensions.
We can export goods from Bahrain to the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) without the payment of customs duties, provided not less than the proportion of domestic components for 40% and efforts are being made at the moment to unify customs duties in the GCC countries.

No personal or corporate taxes or any other taxes.
No restrictions on the transfer of capital, profits, income or wages.
The free movement of foreign exchange.
Allow the establishment of wholly-owned companies to foreigners.
Customs exemption for goods exported to the GCC markets, which will swallow a population of 18 million proportion.
Exemption of customs for re-export.
Customs exemption for imports of materials and machinery used in manufacturing.

Government policy steady aim to encourage foreign investment.
The government's contribution to studies on the market.
Simplification of company registration procedures.
A sophisticated legal framework and processions of global systems.
Low energy and fuel costs.
Competitive rates of industrial, commercial and residential rents.
Free zones in ports, industrial areas and the airport.
Industrial areas serviced.
Free economy policy.
Encourage the government to manufacture through an active policy aimed to promote Bahraini products and protected by import duties.

Local workforce trained teacher and fluent in English and one-third of the cost of the labor force in industrial countries.
Simplified procedures for the extraction of work permits.
It provides a means of housing, education and social means.
Health care and modern medical centers.
Rejecting the Rsens fled the F Skurti when you cream.
Provide the reasons for the lack of security and crime.
Replete with commercial and cultural activities environment.

Eminent financial center in the Middle East.
Highly developed communications network.
A regional center for insurance.
Gulf Air headquarters and regional operations center for the airline.
International airport a modern, modern air cargo handling facilities.
Ports equipped with high-tech facilities.
Bridge length of 25 kilometers connects Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, offers easy access to major population centers nearby.
International Arbitration Centre of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Bahraini dinar convertible pegged to the US dollar.

Obtaining a visa is necessary for travelers to Bahrain tomorrow, the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and the United Kingdom. You can get a visa from all embassies and consulates.
You can get a visa for 72 hours from Bahrain airport, ports and the King Fahd Causeway, and can extend the duration of the visa within Alaharin.
Business and official delegations, families can get a visa for a period of 7 days. Aamkan and tourist groups to obtain visas for 7 days through a travel agent.

Bahrain reason for the success of the business and a gateway linking the entire Gulf

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