Why invest in Saudi Arabia

The workforce in Saudi companies open up in front of her excellent investment opportunities by all accounts the beggars of the Arabian Gulf and the world .ertbt of venture Arabia closely linked to economic performance level, and plays an important influence is the double role on all aspects of the economy and its sectors, investment in Saudi Arabia works to promote economic growth, diversification sources of income, and provide new job opportunities, technology transfer and indigenization, and export development, and closer trade relations; which represents a fundamental pillar in achieving the overall objectives of economic development.
In the context of the relentless pursuit to achieve further progress and prosperity and economic make Saudi Arabia – a major effort to diversify the economic base, improve the investment environment, competitive Kingdom and raise internationally in attracting investment based on the importance of creating an attractive healthy work environment and provide comprehensive services for investors

For the global economy

Saudi Arabia is the biggest free economic market in the Middle East. It holds 25% of the total Arab GDP adding that Saudi Arabia is the second largest oil reserves in the world is estimated at 22% and provides energy for investment projects at the lowest prices at the level of all countries in the world which makes the Kingdom an ideal destination for projects that depend on energy consumption in addition to the natural resources in the mining sector, and the geographical location of the Kingdom making them easy access to the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa, and has a market high purchasing power.

To take advantage of this geographical advantages identified Arabia itself three strategic objectives

Take advantage of the comparative advantage of the oil and gas to attract complementary and value-added in the refining, manufacturing and service sector investments.
Take advantage of its geographical location in the heart of the Middle East focusing on the transport and logistics sector, this geographic advantage to make it a point of contact between the three continents making it easier to access and navigate
Focus on knowledge-based industries such as health care and life sciences, education and information technology industries, these catalysts are essential for sustainable development

Sustainable development

Saudi Arabia has placed a challenge before them is that one of the most competitive economies become productive in the world, and that makes them a target location for investors and companies that want to benefit from the advantages of investing in the Kingdom. The focus on the communications infrastructure, and methods of modern transportation, industrial clusters on the latest technology and provide training opportunities and a commitment to economic efficiencies, contribute to the development community with all the necessities of life high.

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