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Investment in the Gulf reason for business success

Investment and residency in the Gulf reason for the success of many businesses which is the gateway to connect the entire world because of its strategic location, investment in the Gulf is the key to achieving the plan translated long-term economic vision, which aims to competitive improvement of the regions economy and create jobs specialized in addition to enhance living standards. for this reason, the Gulf is committed to features available to investors and to build on the basis of which to become the most attractive for investment and business center in the Middle East

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The establishment of international companies

International companies can choose which you want to apply the law regarding inheritance disputes and other legal matters) must specify the law, which is chosen in the Memorandum of Association of the company and its statute.

International companies can own stakes in the Gulf and international companies and local and limited liability companies or any company with a legal entity in any country in the world.

Allows international companies to open and issuing the commercial register in addition to the freedom of choice of law (common law, civil law, or any judicial authority) owns international companies foreign ownership 100% and the ability to customize the company, and the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association in line with the client's needs.

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